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After consulting with existing SAS Professional users, we felt the time was right to make some changes to the layout of the network. The changes we have made are designed to make the site easier to use, and we have also taken this opportunity to retire some of the old functionality that was rarely used. We hope you enjoy the changes we have made and continue to join in the discussion on SAS Professionals.

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Hi,I have a question about SAS BASEI would like to know how to modify BUFNO and BUFSIZE to improve the performance of my process.I know that option is related with size and number of buffers, but I don'y know which is the optimial value.My process…Continue

Started by Juan Vidal Gil Jul 23.

SAS VA - Log on Failure Screen

Hi all,Does anyone know how to replace the default screen that a user sees when they fail to log on to VA?Ideally we would like to present the user with a screen giving a friendly/useful message to contact our department to get a VA account set up,…Continue

Tags: on, log, Analytics, Visual, SAS

Started by James Ogilvie Jul 22.

SAS VA - Additional column not shown 2 Replies

Hi all,I am hoping someone can help with an issue I have in a VA Report. I'm not sure if there is a problem with VA, or perhaps my understanding of the workflow in the product.The report is based on a single LASR table, which is produced from a Data…Continue

Started by James Ogilvie. Last reply by James Ogilvie Jul 21.

Problem with SAS Enterprise Guide Task List by Name

Hi,I have some users who are experiencing problems with SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1 where they can only see 3 options in the Task List by Name. Not sure why this is as my PC as well as others have more options.Not sure if it's because their PC's were…Continue

Started by Narinder Sahotay Jul 20.

SAS Enterprise Miner Capabilities 2 Replies

I open an Enterprise Miner session to create a new project. I browse to a physical server location. When I right click on any one folder, it gives me an option to delete, cut or rename the server folders.As a normal user, I should not have these…Continue

Started by Sandip Chettiar. Last reply by Sandip Chettiar Jul 17.

Error in Mid-Tier service restart

Hi,I am on a SAS 9.3 Grid environment on Linux with Websphere as the Mid-Tier. Recently we restarted all the services in the environment.When monitoring the service restart, I find the following error in the SystemOut.log :0000001d ContextLoader E…Continue

Started by Sandip Chettiar Jul 17.

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Increasingly, the valuable data…


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