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Section Links with Different Data Sources

I'm using SAS VA 7.1 and have a report with multiple sections.The first section has section links to various other sections.The sections I'm linking to have different (but identical) data sources to the first section, since I want to control which…Continue

Started by Mike Jones Nov 20.

SAS Grid Expansion

Hi All,I am currently administering a SAS 9.3 Grid Environment on RHEL.Currently the grid comprises of the grid manager and 7 compute/grid nodes.Each of the grid hosts are on a 16cores CPU.What would be the recommendations to add an additional node…Continue

Started by Sandip Chettiar Nov 20.

Needing help from data steps to proc sql 1 Reply

Hello there, i am beginner to SAS and have a task to convert data steps to proc sqldata w6.data3; set W6.data3;data data4; set data3; if TACC_t eq . then delete; if TA_t in (0, .) then delete; if TA_tm1 in (0, .) then delete; if Sales_t eq . then…Continue

Started by HADI JAMES. Last reply by Mark Stevens Nov 17.

Using Interactions with Hierarchies

I'm using SAS VA 7.1 and have a bar graph which has an interaction to another section in the report.The bar graph category is a hierarchy. When I navigate from a low level of the hierarchy to the other section, it appears to "remember" what level of…Continue

Started by Mike Jones Nov 13.

proc sgplot ods pdf footnote

Hi. I am trying to output my sgplot graphs to pdf. Each graph has its own title. I'm trying to add a title to the pdf page as well as page numbers. The title won't appear and the footnotes appear inside the graph. If anyone could help me I'd really…Continue

Started by Kier Finnegan Nov 11.

sas software 1 Reply

Hi,how do i download the software for sas to practise at home?Continue

Started by priya patel. Last reply by Myles Hannon Nov 9.

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