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Different reference lines in different panels in an SGPANEL plot

Hello,I wish to add different horizontal reference lines to each panel in an SGPANEL plot. I currently can only have the one reference line at 0.83proc sgpanel data=TEMP;panelby AvPatRef / layout=panel columns=3; format patcorr_order corrformatnum.;…Continue

Tags: line, reference, sgpanel

Started by Alexander Pate on Tuesday.

SAS Advanced Certification 1 Reply

Hi Guys,I'm planning to appear for the SAS Advanced Certification(A00-212). I've studied the prep. guide provided by the SAS inc. but there are some loopholes here and there.If you could please help me with some practice ques., I'll be very…Continue

Started by Ankur Sarwate. Last reply by Georg Spearing Sep 28.

Address String Breakdown

Hi All,I was wondering if anyone could help, I currently have an address field that is a string of text but I would like to break it down into a number of variables (e.g. address line 1, address line 2 etc). I have included some examples below and…Continue

Started by Thomas Barton Sep 28.

Cluster table Quandary 3 Replies

I'm trying to cluster a table but the IOBLOCKSIZE on new member i'm adding doesn't stack up.  This is fine, I understand the IOBLOCKSIZE must be identical to all other members, but I have no idea how to find out what the IOBLOCKSIZE is in order to…Continue

Started by Daniel Harwood. Last reply by David Moors Sep 23.

Developing Custom Tasks for SAS Enterprise Guide Course - UK 7 Replies

SAS Profs,The SAS Enterprise Guide guru and SAS Dummy (Chris Hemedinger) is taking his course "Developing Custom Tasks for SAS Enterprise Guide" on the road.I'm trying to gauge the appetite of UK SAS users for this type of course, to see if we can…Continue

Tags: SAS Dummy, Custom Tasks, Enterprise Guide

Started by David Moors. Last reply by David Moors Sep 22.

SAS Enterprise Guide Error while saving a project 2 Replies

Hi,I am using SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1 and connecting to a SAS 9.3 Enterprise Server on RHEL.I am able to execute the SAS program but when I try to save the SAS Enterprise Guide project, it gives me the following error:"An unexpected error has…Continue

Started by Sandip Chettiar. Last reply by Sandip Chettiar Sep 16.

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There are still many barriers when it comes to big data analytics adoption, especially weighing up costs against return on investment. SAS' Paul Jones suggests businesses need to explore their data first to unlock the…


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The fusion of machine learning and data mining has provided the ability to…


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Will fluid and flowing big data be more important than stationary and at rest big data? by Mark Torr

Now that we’ve got the first 'v' of big data, volume, under control with advanced technologies and solutions, the second 'v', velocity, is starting to gain more importance.

Increasingly, the valuable data…


Posted by Katie Cairns on July 22, 2015 at 11:16



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