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Compresion ratio very low

Hi,I am using the compression option of SAS and the compression ratio I get is very low.I haved used binray and char methods and the compression obtanided is 2% and 8%.I put my code. Is there any other way of compression more effective?Any help will…Continue

Started by Juan Vidal Gil 9 hours ago.

set + modify + key= not working 3 Replies

Hi,I am trying to update a master table (ventas) using data from a lookup table (productos) by a field (cod_producto), but it doesn't work.The error:'No defined variables for ventas'Can anybody help me?. Thanks in advaceThe code here:%let fecha_ini…Continue

Started by Juan Vidal Gil. Last reply by Vasilij Nevlev yesterday.

Question about using indexes in SAS data steps 11 Replies

I am trying to work with SAS index in order to get better performance getting data from SAS datasets.proc sql;create index campo3 on prueba (campo3);quit;I didn't get better performance in a query which where clause has only one field and this is…Continue

Started by Juan Vidal Gil. Last reply by Juan Vidal Gil on Monday.

Are SAS views good for ETL processes

Hi,I have to made some ETL process in SAS, typical process in which some intermediate tables were created:input file -> (read) -> temp1 -> (transform) -> temp2 -> ........ -> tempN -> (load) -> databaseAre sas views suitable…Continue

Started by Juan Vidal Gil on Monday.

Scheduler project in SAS EG 7.1 is not working

Hi ,we had migration SAS EG 5.1 to 7.1 (32 bit) as part of SAS 9.4 upgrade.Project/program/process flow i schedule i create by updating the parameters in Schedule project (Triggers/Action) creates schedules with EGScript.vbs but those jobs were not…Continue

Tags: EG7.1

Started by Arunkumar Jun 23.

advice with an ordinal variable that ranges in a positive/negative spectrum 11 Replies

Hello,I have a question about ordinal variables which I hope to be a simple one.I made an online survey in which I ask whether cloud computing is seen as an opportunity or a threat to BI initiatives, and I gave the following options for the user to…Continue

Tags: enterprise, miner, spectrum, range, variables

Started by Pedro Innecco. Last reply by Norman Williams Jun 17.

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